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The Best Design Software for Interlocking Pavers Installers

Hardscape Imaging Software shows your clients what Interlocking Pavers will look like on their home or office.

Depiction Software's HARDSCAPE IMAGING SOFTWARE enables your potential customers to visualize what different patterns and colors of pavers will look like as if they were already installed. Hardscape Imaging Software is easy to learn, the program includes over thousands of Interlocking Pavers and Wall Stone from 22 Manufacturers, Stone Veneer, plants from across North America , other hardscape items, like Fire places, Rock, and Waterfalls.

The program comes with training movies that teach you everything you need to know and free support. You can add your own objects to the program, like plants, rocks, and fountains, anything that you can take a digital picture of. No monthly payments own your program. Learn how reasonably priced!

Hardscape Design Software Examples.

Hardscape Imaging Software

Do you install Landscaping too!
Check out "GreenScapes" includes all the pavers and a very extensive plant library, plus Night Lighting.

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Hardscape Imaging Software best deal.

Hardscape Design Software offers 3 programs, the Hardscape Photorealistic Imaging, Hardscape Estimating and Hardscape Online Visualizer.


Hardscape Imaging Software. Show your customer what their project will look like with Interlocking pavers and landscaping before any work is done, find out more


Calculate how many pallet of pavers are needed for a project based on square footage. Also calculate borders, base rock, bedding sand, joint sand and edge restraints. It will also Calculate retaining wall stone. try it out yourself see how it works. read more…

About Depiction Software

Depiction Software has been developing imaging programs for the landscape and paver industry since 2001, the program has evolved over the years with computer technology becoming easier, cheaper and faster to create a computer rendering to sell landscape designs. Now it is standard procedure for contractors to have design software in hardscape industry.

In 2004 Depiction Software developed Hardscape Imaging Software and Estimators for many major manufactures in the industry which include , Belgard, Pavestone, Unilock, EP Henry, McNear, Ackerstone, Calstone, Basalite, Air Vol, Anchor Block, Calstone, Hanson, Wilamestte Graystone, Techo-Bloc, Oberfields, Pacific Interlock, Oaks Pavers, Mutual Material, Expo-Crete, Barkman Concrete and Tobermore in Europe. The Hardscape Imaging Program includes all of these manufactures and more.

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