Registration Page for Hardscape Imaging Program.

Very Important: Please follow all instructions emailed to you right after purchase.

  1. Windows Install Instructions
  2. Mac Install Instructions
  3. Registration Instructions in detail.
  4. The Hardscape Program must be Installed prior to registeration.
  5. You must turn off the User Account Control to register the programs.
  6. Run the program as the Administrator (Video Below).
  7. The program will now show the 8 digit registration code. (don't close the window)
  8. Get the invoice that was in the package it has the email and phone number you will need to enter on the screen to the right.
  9. Click proceed to Next Step!
  10. Enter the 8 digit Registration Number from the program registration screen.
  11. Click "Generate Unlock Code"
  12. The Unlock Code will be displayed. Enter the Code into the Registration screen of the program and Click Unlock!

Additional Help for turning off User Account Control. (UAC)

If you need assistance use our Support Ticket System this allow us to reserve a day and time and offer direct assistance with any issues that you may have.